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About the Society


The Surgical Society of Zimbabwe is a body of surgeons that was founded to co-ordinate the work they do.


Our primary objective is to advance education, training, standards, research & practice in surgical care in Zimbabwe. The Surgical Society of Zimbabwe shapes and leads the training of surgeons in Zimbabwe. We deliver a common surgical training programme with a common examination and an internationally recognised surgical qualification.

Admission to the Society is open to all registered medical practitioners who comply with the professional requirements for admission.

Objectives of the Society

  1. To promote the development, study and practice of Surgery in Zimbabwe
  2. To maintain a high standard of professional ethics, conduct and practice among those practising in the speciality of surgery.
  3. To encourage continuing medical education and promote co-operation and friendship between surgeons.
  4. To foster and encourage interest in research by its members.
  5. To encourage, assist and promote the study of quantitative and qualitative aspects of the speciality, i.e. audit and continuing concern with health matters.
  6. To present surgeons and to protect their interests.
  7. To aim to form a College of Zimbabwe which will be able to issue a Diploma in Surgery Ad Hominem with or without examination.


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Scientific Conference and AGM 2018


Scientific Conference
and AGM

Date: 30 Aug - 2 Sept 2018
Venue: Triangle Country Club

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