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College of Surgeons for East, Central and Southern Africa in conjunction with Surgical Society of Zimbabwe (SSZ) is pleased to invite submissions of abstracts for Presentation at its upcoming International Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference. The event will be held at Triangle Country Club in Triangle from the 30th of August to the 2nd September 2018 . Papers are welcome from different specialities.


  1. Title of Abstract
  2. Names of Author(s) Limit of no more than 5 authors
  3. Name and Complete Address for Correspondence of Presenting Author:
    i. Email Address
    ii. Mobile Number
  4. Names and Complete Address of Institution(s) if different from section above
    i. Email
    ii. Mobile Number
  5. Abstracts should be presented with the following headings:-
    i. Title of abstract
    ii. Introduction (study justification)
    iii. Objectives
    iv. Materials and Methods (participants, setting and study design, how the study was carried out, interventions and outcome)
  6. Maximum words:- 250
  7. Reference maximum: 2

Deadline for Submission: 30 July 2018


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