Any person who is a registered specialist/or registered surgeon in training in or outside Zimbabwe or Practitioner involved in Surgery (i.e. registered with the Health Profession Council of Zimbabwe) may apply to be a member of the society, including retired surgeons who have been on the Specialist Register or such persons the society deems fit.


Membership Fees

  • SSZ Membership - $50
  • Registrars - $30
  • COSECSA Membership - $100
  • Registrars - $50

How to Become a Member of SSZ

  1. On receipt of an application for membership the executive council may:
    • Grant membership
    • or Refuse to grant membership to the member
  2. The annual subscription for membership shall be such sum as the executive council may from time to time determine.
  3. A member who has not paid his annual subscription shall not be entitled to vote.
  4. A member shall notify the Secretary of this change of address within thirty (30) days of such a change or as soon as possible.
  5. Membership of the society shall not give any member the right to any of the monies, properties or assets of the society.
  6. The liability for members shall be limited to the amount of unpaid subscriptions or other monies owed by them to the Society.
  7. On receipt of an application for membership the executive council may:
    • Shall be liable for such payments, fees and subscriptions still due and unpaid by him, and
    • Shall not be entitled to recover any sums by reason of the termination or suspension of his membership prior to the end of the current financial year.
  8. A member may resign from the society by notifying the Secretary in writing.
  9. Membership shall cease upon death, resignation or expulsion.